Future Tense Newsletter: We Need Greater Diversity in Futurism

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Greetings, Future Tensers,

Welcome to October! On Saturday, we wrapped up our monthlong Future of the Future series about the art of, and limitations to, prediction. Part of the trouble with predicting the future is that no two people imagine the same tomorrow. That’s why Alida Draudt explains we need greater diversity in the futurism field. “A more diverse futurism industry could provide the alternate modes of thinking and experiences that are necessary for us to enable both true innovation and our own human survival,” she writes.

Having a broader perspective is important because relying on data and statistics misses an important part of the picture. Julia Rose West writes that Silicon Valley and corporations’ obsession with data feeds into the myth that everything can be broken down and quantified. Although it can provide valuable insights, West writes, “this moneyball-ization assumes that all information is reliable information, algorithms are unbiased magic, and big data can also paint the big picture.” If you’re comfortable with making projections about the future based on potentially unreliable evidence, you might as well consult a psychic app to see what’s coming next.

Make sure you didn’t miss any articles from the series this month by checking the Future of the Future page here. And don’t miss this video of how depictions of the future changed over 80 years.

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